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Pilgrimage Presents Music on Main

Volunteer for the 1st ever, 

Pilgrimage Presents Music on Main


Enjoy the music AND be part of it

We've got over 50 artists playing at about 30 venues! That's nuts isn't? Franklin doesn't mess around when it comes to music do we??


what it takes to be part of the team:

  • You're able to help us out Friday September 26th, from 12pm - 8:30pm
  • You're a least a little organized 😜
  • You're cool with text messages and email from us

What you'll be doing:

  • We'll assign you to one of the venues (local businesses)
  • You're the main "stage manager" for that venue
  • Making sure that artist get there on time
  • Helping them get setup
  • Giving them friendly reminders of how much time they have left (we've got signs you can use)

If you're ready, fill this out

Pilgrimage Presents Music on Main

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