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Family Fight Night

What is FFN? from deliberatePeople. on Vimeo.

There’s plenty of focused demographic tours, but this is one of the first to focus clearly on the bond of the entire family. Partnered with Focus on the Family and DeliberatePeople, the Family Fight Night Tour has been a blast to produce. With venues full of kids and parents jumping around being crazy, it’s made a very light and fun touring atmosphere. We strongly recommend going to one of these events with your kids.

"I have found Invested Productions to be a highly organized, well-oiled machine, providing world class service. Not only are their staff friendly and easy to work with, they are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable in their field. Regardless of venue size and production needs, I know that every technical detail will be covered and the job will be done with excellence." 

John Boyd - Tour Manager for 'Family Fight Night'


Services Used:

  • Full Produciton Design and Implementation
  • 3D Renderings
  • Show Development
    • Min x Min
    • Tour Budget
    • Advance system
    • Gear Rental Managment
    • Full Crew Support
      • PM / FOH (Jon Allen)
      • Lighting Designer (David Surbrooke)
      • Video Director (Nate Griffin)
      • Stage Manager (Nate Smith)
      • Backline Tech (David Barlow)