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Jeremy Camp Fall Tour

What an honor to work with such an artist. Jeremy is one of those artists who's the same on and off the stage. He's got a love of Christ and a passion for quality music. With a fantastic band and years of touring experience, he's fantatstic to work with on the production details.

This fall tour has been a blast from day one. Our solid crew has made things much easier. With 3 busses, 2 trailers,  and a full semi truck, it feels a little like the circus, but in a good way!



  • PM / FOH : Jon Allen
  • TM / MON : Lucas Boto
  • Backline: Caleb Goodrich
  • LD / L1 : Danny Navarro
  • L2/ Video: Aaron Luke
  • A2/ System: Garrett Sommers
  • A3/Patch: Derek Benitez
  • Prod. Assistant: Brian Neibel